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B-on-Track is a self-install, cost effective, portable, compact entry level management system with a difference.  A smart solution for a smart drive, the OBD unit plugs into the OBD-II port inside the passenger/driver’s compartment.  The unique algorithms of the B-on-Track unit provides high level diagnostics pertaining to driver behaviour and the vehicle’s mechanical health while also giving accurate insights regarding driver safety and real-time location with route travelled, mechanical alerts and historical replays.

On-board Diagnostics (OBD)

  • Real-time GPS tracking & routes
  • Driving behaviour alerts
  • Driver’s driving skills scoring
  • Collision detections and black box functionality
  • Tips for safe & efficient driving
  • History [location, routes, mileage, fuel consumption]
  • Mechanical events alerting [high RPM, overheating, idling, low battery]
  • Simple plug and play [DIY] installation
  • Communication with the vehicle’s sub-systems [OBD, CANbus]
  • Over-the-air remote configurations and software updates
  • Live iPhone, android and web apps


  • Total distance driven
  • Dangerous driving percentage out of total driving hours
  • Total pre-defined safety events
  • Driver’s safety score [scale 0-10] in comparison with other drivers of the same vehicle
  • The insurer’s driver profile, to include safety & trends critical events summary


  • Reducing insurance premium costs
  • Increasing safety
  • Achieving up to 10% reduction in fuel consumption
  • Creating / enhancing awareness of driving behaviour
  • Receiving information regarding non-belted driving
  • Receiving real-time information on driving data [speed & mechanical faults]
  • Better control of new drivers
  • Less carbon emissions
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