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Drivers are the most influential factor affecting safety on the road. Questek Telematics gives you real-time accurate data from the G-sensors and CANbus that allows you to measure and understand the driving behaviour and habits of your drivers. The system focuses on how vehicles are driven in terms of general behaviours such as acceleration and cornering, to how drivers engage mechanically with vehicles such as gear changing, clutch usage and braking.

The on-board DMAS [Driver Maneuver Awareness System] provides real-time feedback alerting drivers to their driving behaviour on the road and thus encourages improved driving skills, road safety and mechanical management of the vehicle.

Performancereporting is provided for each trip. The information can be segregated by a group or viewed for each individual driver allowing for trends to be analysed, problematic drivers to be identified and remedial action, training and driver skill upgrading strategies to be implemented.

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