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Fleet Management Core Features & Benefits

How we improve passenger safety

Bus operators strive to offer passengers a safe and reliable service.  The on-board DMAS unit together with the accurate data being received from the CANbus which is presented in easy to read reports empowers drivers to understand and correct driving behaviour in real-time, reducing safety events such as speeding, aggressive acceleration, harsh braking and turning by up to 75%.  Drivers now have an effective tool that enables them to provide passengers with a safe and comfortable travel experience.

How we improve driver skills

Studies prove that driver behaviour and mechanical skills are responsible 25%+ of a vehicle’s total cost of ownership By profiling each driver individually, the system empowers the fleet operator as well as the drivers to improve their driving behaviour and mechanical driving skills through training campaigns and corrective action.   Our aim is to transform the driving culture within your fleet to bring about a real safety improvements as well as bottom line savings.

The on-board DMAS [Driver Manueaver Alert System] together with the data drawn directly from CANbus and presented in easy-to-read reports empowers drivers to become more conscious of their driving style and reduces safety events by 75%.  Improved driver safety also means improved operational costs with savings on fuel and vehicle maintenance.

While driving, the DMAS unit displays coloured lights as and when events occur alerting the driver to the severity of:

  • Acceleration
  • Braking
  • Speeding
  • Turning

The DMAS will beep and display a colour representing the overall driver safety rating at the end of the trip [ignition on to ignition off]. Pressing the blue button at any time will provide the current trip rating.

How we reduce your fleet’s operating costs

Questek’s predictive analytics enables fleet managers to forecast future fleet costs, plan proactively and significantly improve a fleet’s performance by leveraging:

  • the lifespan of parts
  • making a ‘dent’ in accident reduction
  • impacting driver behaviours and driving styles
  • determining focused areas for cost savings

The value in understanding data and trends is how you’re able to forecast costs.  Knowing when the replacement part needs to be changed opposed to a reactive approach of replacing parts at a particular service interval can make a significant difference to your bottom line.  Fleet health and safety is vastly improved by effectively analysing data and monitoring trends.

How we reduce risk

The benefit of knowing what is happening to each and every vehicle in your fleet is that you’re able act and plan proactively to reduce risks.  The system provides real-time warning notifications of mechanical issues such:

  • battery voltage
  • air pressure
  • engine coolant temperature
  • engine oil temperature
  • brake lining

Understanding how these issues are impacting on a vehicle allows you to address these issues before that become hazardous and costly.

How we enhance fleet performance

As operational costs continue to rise, you need a predictive, diagnostic fleet telematics system that gives you the power to predict and protect your fleet. Questek Telematics’ difference lies in the unique ability to take messages and protocols and interpret them using expertly formulated cross-referencing techniques to determine if events of safety or mechanical malfunction are present or developing.  Once you know where potential problems lie, you can manage your fleet pro-actively and prevent major damage to components which are costly.

How we reduce downtime

Traditionally vehicle and fleet maintenance is based on manufacturer recommendations of generic maintenance [replacing parts based on age, mileage and hours] or as and when parts fail.

Questek Telematics’ strength lies in our ability to monitor vehicle parameters, analyse trends and immediately detect irregularities before drivers may notice and report problems.  Once identified, operators can schedule maintenance accordingly rather than deal with costly breakdown and loss of productivity.

How our live vehicle diagnostics saves you money

Prevention is better than cure.  With Questek’s predictive vehicle diagnostics, you now have the power to protect your fleet.  Information collected from a vehicle’s CANbus is analysed to bring you bottom line savings.

Real-time alerts provide you with immediate notifications of mechanical issues on board vehicles which enables you to plan and manage maintenance of a vehicle.

Understanding fleet expenses

Having an holistic view and understanding of your fleet is crucial to running a cost-effective and efficient fleet.  While many fleet telematics solutions focus on ‘track and trace’, Questek Telematics uses big data from real-time CANbus information extracted from the vehicle’s engine management system to predict potential fault and maintenance issues.  This carefully analysed data that also sheds light on driver behaviour, gives fleet operators the tools to better manage and optimise their entire fleet.

We present customised reports

How we analyse data and present customised reports is what differentiates the Questek solution . The sheer volume of data being extracted from the CANbus is overwhelming.  Once we have established with the operator what the exact problem area/s are within a fleet, [eg excessive costs on replacing brake pads or high fuel consumption], we set up parameters that report on the focus areas, eliminating the need for the operator to sift through mountains of data.  The single page reports are distributed to the relevant people within the organisation who can then take remedial action.


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