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As operational costs continue to rise, you need a predictive, diagnostic fleet telematics system that seamlessly integrates with your ticketing system, protecting your fleet and improving efficiencies

Questek’s full suite of services for bus and coach operators is delivered with a back-office web-based management platform providing a complete overview of your business, with all the tools necessary to maximise your management capabilities and improve your business profitability.

Questek Telematics analyses and filters relevant critical data from the vehicle to provide real-time knowledge that enables fleet managers to:
·  Reduce fuel consumption by an average of 14%
·  Cut vehicle downtime by an average of 38%
·  Decrease the number of road accidents by up to 70%
·  Increase the lifetime of your tyres, brake sets, clutches and gears and racking up
saving of up to 50%
·  Dramatically reduce carbon footprint and vehicle running costs
Keep your finger on the pulse of your fleet
Connected to the CANbus, Questek Telematics monitors [live] the vehicle’s parameters such as:

  • oil pressure and temperature
  • water temperature and level
  • engine speed
  • road speed
  • brake pressure
  • GPS positioning
  • lateral and longitudinal acceleration

Fleet owners worldwide are benefitting from significant savings delivered by this telematics technology.
What’s the difference?
Questek Telematics difference lies in the unique ability to take messages and protocols and interpret them using expertly formulated cross-referencing techniques to determine if events of safety or mechanical malfunction are present or developing.  In addition, Questek Telematics provides you with:

  • Real-time notification of dangerous and aggressive driving
  • Real-time driver mechanical and technical behaviour
  • Real-time detection of mechanical maintenance and/or failure for preventative maintenance
  • Real-time monitoring and control of your fleet
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